Deductions Mapping

 When your benefits software and your payroll provider aren't connected, you need to "map" your benefits deductions to your payroll. I suggested we update the copy on this page, and made a UI recommendation that both fit the resources we had and drastically decreased support cases (see graph below). 

Deduction Mapping - AFTER.png

"After" - Mapping Deductions

My fixes for this page included in-line Deduction Code edits (instead of going into a modal), dedicated on-page help text, and more comprehensive instructions. 

Deduction Mapping - BEFORE.png

"Before" - Mapping Deductions

This is what the Mapping Deductions Page looked like before my changes.  

Deduction Mapping - RESULTS.png


The "Before" version of this page went live to all clients in June of 2016 — and with that came a huge support case load. We implemented my changes in late August of 2016, and support cases plummeted.