The MBS—Medical Benefits Statement—is Collective Health's answer to the traditional EOB (Explanation of Benefits). Except, it still presented challenges to our members: they thought it was a bill, and had a lot of questions about it. Working with User Research insights, I collaborated with designers to make content updates to the MBS (a full design overhaul is scheduled for Q1 2019) and the MBS Email. Both are shown below.  

Note: We worked on the email and the statement simultaneously, but I'm showing them here in order so you can see the evolution of each piece. 

MBS Email - The Entry Point

75% of our members find their MBS through an email which points them to the statement online. In reviewing the original email (below), I saw a few potential areas of improvement.  

MBS Email - Original.png

One challenge I saw was that this email doesn't actually tell you much about what a benefits statement is, or what you really should do with it. Additionally, language like "care activity" doesn't mean much to a member. So step one was clarifying the message we wanted to send. Our first exploration looked like this: 

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 10.12.45 PM.png

Right away, we wanted people to be able to understand what they were looking at, hence the catchy but informative headline. We also wanted the body copy to offer a little more information (and some education!) about the statements, and also make sure the language of this email matched the language on the statements.

After talking to subject matter experts (our Member Advocates, who explain these emails and their corresponding statements day in and day out, we got some good feedback: people who receive numerous statements probably wouldn't enjoy the slightly cheeky "Pro tip:" line, and they wondered if we could change the "Your Responsibility" title, which might smooth out all the language in general. Here's what came next:

MBS Email - Later exploration.png

Finally, we sat down with real people for user testing. After speaking with five people with varying degrees of healthcare knowledge, we identified a few more friction points: everyone wanted to know "If this isn't a bill, why are you sending it to me at all?" Great question, right? With that in mind, I re-crafted the email. What we finally finished up with was this: 

MBS Email Registered TLS On.png


MBS - The Statement

If you were to click through one of the claims in the above email, you'd be prompted to log in to your account, and then see your full MBS. Here's what we were starting with: 

MBS - Original .png

While the issues we identified went far deeper than copy, we didn't have engineering resources to change a whole lot—so we did what we could with content (which is exciting! This is one of the most challenging assignments I've ever faced). 

The first area of improvement I noticed was the title. If we were calling these claims, why did this say "Statement Details"? We also knew that members often think this is a bill of some kind, so we wanted to really hammer home that no, this is not a bill, but in a Collective Health style. 

MBS - First exploration .png

For this first iteration, we tried adding content in around the areas that seemed to get member's attention: the big numbers that made them think, Dang, do I owe that? We also tried updating the column headers to help members understand what they were looking at sans jargon. 

However, we didn't like how text heavy the statement still was, and while the column headers were better, they still didn't resonate, which we learned after some user testing. After a few more revs, the design team and I came up with this: 

MBS - Later exploration.png

What I love about this version is twofold: first, how we were able to wrap in the "This isn't a bill" at the top of the page, and second, how so very clearly we express that the member does not need to do anything. However, just like with the email before it, we discovered during user testing that people still wanted there to be an action. And technically, there is one thing you should do with an MBS: check to make sure the total we've calculated is the same number your provider charges you. Our last iteration looked like this: 

MBS Web Version.png