People have been saying great things about my work!

On Copywriting: 

Alicia Ostarello is both highly creative and remarkably competent—a rare combination. If you get the chance to hire her, sign the contract as soon as you can!

Chris Guillebeau, NYT bestselling author of The $100 Startup and other books

I've worked with other copywriters where it felt like a struggle the entire time - the words weren't "me" and the point wasn't getting across in the way I could envision it. Working with Alicia is an absolutely delight. She really tuned into my needs and what I was trying to convey and her words flowed beautifully. I cry nearly every time I read her first drafts back to me. She's the best!

Becca Piastrelli, The Dabblist

Hunger Games Training is either the most brilliant little piece of marketing I have ever seen in ages or just another way to rip off a pretty good book. Because I like to think the best of people, I think it’s brilliant.

Chris Erksine, LA Times

I work with Alicia in many capacities at Nitro, and since the day she started on our team her incredible copywriting skills have been on display. From managing the company blog (strategizing, penning, and scheduling posts), to writing website content and polishing sales collateral, Alicia's copy is always on-message while incorporating the Nitro voice - which is super important to a company that values its culture as much as Nitro. She is a key facilitator of collaboration between our Creative and Marketing functions, and has carried that collaborative spirit into the projects she completes for every arm of the business. Alicia takes feedback like a champion, and I truly value the constructive opinions she offers on my projects as well. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm, and willingness to take on new responsibilities make her an invaluable (read: kickass) teammate.

Lauren Suggett, Content Marketing Manager at Nitro

I could probably write an entire novel about how amazing Alicia is, but for the sake of this recommendation I’ll keep it simple.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alicia for a little over a year now and she is quite simply one of my favorite people… ever. Beyond her inherent creative ability, Alicia is open-minded, intelligent, ever-evolving, and a pleasure to work with.

Alicia can turn even the most rudimentary idea into a full-fledged project filled with creative, innovative copy – all while working within tight deadline requirements. Most importantly, Alicia welcomes any and all criticism. She works to make every project the best it can be and uses it as a learning opportunity to become an even better copywriter.

I’ve personally appreciated Alicia’s helpful editing assistance. Although not necessarily a part of her job description, Alicia will always find the time to review my work, inserting helpful tidbits and challenging questions wherever necessary. Through her aid, I (as well as several others in the marketing department) have become a much stronger, confident writer.

I consider myself so lucky to work with such a talented, creative, and fun copywriter every day.

 Aubrey Morgan, Email Marketing Manager at MuleSoft

On Creative Writing:

Ostarello’s is the voice for the back of the class. Actually, she’s the voice from the back of the class. Her stories pit the mundane against the fantastic and the bizarre against the day to day, often in such a way that the reader forgets it’s fiction. Teddy Grams drowning in a sea of saliva against how hard it is to be away from the one you love, or cleaning the bathroom and annoying roommates against the devil himself rising from the plumbing. It isn’t every day we find a writer who can take us to a faraway place, never letting us forget we need to pay the cable bill. Her pacing is quick, sharp, and yet somehow meanders her way around the hard stuff. Inside are the characters we all want to be and the things we all want to say, totally approachable, and firmly entrenched in the back row. 

Sean Senti , from his review of “The Odds and Ends of Stars”